Folder Contents

The interact curriculum is designed for teachers to use throughout their planning to encourage creativity, diversity, Biblical perspectives and depth of thinking in their students. There are two folders at each level. Firstly for Year 1-4 and secondly for Year 5-8. Each folder contains a teacher manual for each of the following subjects: Devotions, Science, Social Science, Health and English. Optional photocopiable Discovery Sheets are also available for the subjects of Devotions, Science, and Social Science.

At the front of the folder is a brochure outlining the integrated nature of this unit of work which can be photocopied and sent home to parents, and gives teachers guidance regarding the relationship between this Interact unit and the national curriculum.

The contents of the teacher manuals are to be seen as guides for teachers. Interact Curriculum does not prescribe all lessons for teachers, as it trusts in teachers professional judgement and creativity to tailor make each lesson to meet the needs of particular students. Interact provides a treasure trove of ideas allowing teachers to pick and dip, and also to add in their own ideas.