Introducing Interact

The Interact Curriculum is a Biblically-based and integrated programme of learning for students in Years 1-8 in the subjects of Devotions, Science, Social Science, Health and English genres.

These integrated units are provided in a four year cycle which enable the entire school to work on the same or closely related topics. This brings a cohesiveness to the school, enables shared planning and expertise, and opens up opportunities for the older students to work with younger ones.

Interact integrates each topic around an aspect of God's character and our response to His character. For example when we look at the God is faithful unit, we explore the expressions of his faithfulness such as in Science, as we study the dependability of the solar system and the seasons. We also look at our response to His faithfulness, and children are challenged to grow personally as they explore this topic in depth over the different areas.

Teachers are afforded flexibility within each topic to develop sub topics to explore an area of students' interest, or tailor learning to students needs.