Principles of Interact

Our first interest is in the students learning about God and developing a relationship with him. Topics are integrated around aspects of God's character. For instance, God is loving and he wants us to be loving, God is wise and he wants us to be wise, God is creative and he wants us to be creative. From this starting point integrated units teach students about the World in science and geography and about the nature and character of People in Social Science, Health, English and the Arts.

Through each learning process students are challenged to develop both faith and character.

Our aim is to help students develop knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Interact focuses on thinking skills utilizing ideas from Bloom's Taxonomy, Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences, Edward de Bono's Thinking Hats and Inquiry Learning. Teachers are provided with higher order questions to aid students in becoming critical and creative thinkers. Different learning styles are also catered for to help value and serve individuals.

Interact provides ideas for activities and events which can involve people from the school and local community. Because the entire school is studying the same topic in a term, teachers work together as a team to bring cohesiveness and unity in school and homework activities. This deepens the learning and builds a wonderful sense of community within the school.

Interact also provides ways of drawing connections from the curriculum that relate to wider life experiences in the community and help students fulfil their responsibilities in real life contexts.