Sample Unit

Here is an example of an integrated Interact unit on the topic of God is Wise.

In Year D, term 1 the aspect of God's character studied is 'God is Wise'. The integrating scripture is Job 28 which talks about the precious metals in creation, how people search after and mine these treasures, and how God wants us to search after wisdom as goldminers search after gold. From the basis of this scripture, we study Metals in Science. The junior students study Explorers and Discoverers and the senior students study Goldminers in our nation's history. As we learn about the goldminers, we easily see the intensity with which they searched and can begin to understand the value of searching for wisdom. In Health the students look at a Wise View of Myself. In English the students cover genre that help them to understand and communicate as they do their Science and Social Science studies, and to gain wisdom from parables and cautionary tales. An additional resource for Art from the Celebrate Art series looks at Text In Contemporary Art and gives ideas for lessons that could culminate in an Art exhibition of wisdom gathered during this unit of work.

In each subject a tapestry of learning is interwoven with a fresh perspective of God, His Word, and His world.
Text in art

text in art

Orewa Poppy text in art

At the conclusion of this term, students could host an Art Exhibition of Wisdom.  Lessons plans for these artworks are in the Celebrate Art resources entitled "Text in Contemporary Art".

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