Support Resources

Interact provides additional resources for schools which include -

  • INTERACT OVERVIEW MANUAL - In the Interact Overview Folder, you'll find the philosophy and outline of topics covered. There is considerable detail about the biblical world view found throughout the Interact programme showing how learning in each subject can lead us to deeper Relationship with God and with others and to a greater ability to fulfil our Responsibility in the world. How Interact meets national and state curriculum or syllabus requirements is outlined in significant detail for some countries including NZ, NSW Australia, and South Africa
  • CELEBRATE ART - a comprehensive resource for the art programme which complements the interact curriculum themes. Celebrate Art takes the work of five contemporary artists mainly from Australasia and explores influences, inspiration, and processes in the creation of their art, and outlines many questions to guide students in responding to art and creating their own artworks.
  • WHERE ELEPHANTS SWIM - written by Rod Thompson, these books outline for teachers using the Interact Curriculum, parents and others, the main theme of God's character being studied for the term, and the Biblical books being profiled. It is excellent to have as a background for teachers to help inspire and develop greater Biblical literacy before they teach.

"Before I read "When Elephants Swim" I had heard neither of Interact Curriculum nor of Dr. Rod Thompson. As a child growing up in my farm home in Minnesota we had few books and because I am a reader I read the Bible over and over. I graduated from a fine Christian college and taught in Christian schools for many years. Therefore I was very familiar with the passages that Dr.
Thompson chose to write about.  Even so, his explanation of the passages moved me a great deal. It is scholarly work written in language that is easily accessible.

Anna Johnstone's poetry provides an appropriate emotional impact. Teachers and parents will treasure this book, whether they use it in preparation for teaching or for their personal devotions."

Dr. Gloria Goris Stronks
Worldwide Christian Schools
Director of Continuing Education for Teachers
Calvin College Professor of Education, Emerita