Home Educators

"The Interact Curriculum really helps focus our teaching at home.  Working with such a flexible, detailed curriculum makes choosing options to suit my son so much easier.  The ability to pick and adapt material across different levels is key to his learning success, as he is remedial in some areas, and streets ahead in others. Interact has been a big part of making the learning experience enjoyable for us both."

Veronica Watson

I am finding the material great - well set out, interesting, relevant and most of all life-changing for both the children and for myself.  I know that there is a much more positive and peaceful atmosphere in our home now, largely because of what the Lord has been showing and teaching me related to the themes in the units.  I am so thankful to Him and to you for putting so much work into each unit and making it available to us at such a reasonable cost.         

Katy Paul

The Interact Curriculum leads and inspires teachers and pupils to understand the character of God and the plan He has for our lives.

As a homeschooler, I found the Interact Curriculum an invaluable tool.

It gave me a Christian foundation for my thinking and teaching.
It gave me the guidance to build skill and maturity in my children.
It showed me how to be creative by providing the ideas and building the concepts step by step.
It captured my imagination and made me feel enthusiastic about teaching my children.
It made my lessons colourful, vibrant and interesting because it inspired me as a teacher.
It made me feel secure knowing that all the academic areas were being thoroughly covered.
My children grew in diligence and achieved an academic standard well beyond my expectation.
As a family, we grew in our relationship with God and developed an awesome respect for His creation.
My children developed a deep respect and appreciation for each other.
The word of God became a reality in our lives.  The Bible was a constant source of reference and the children loved to read it.           

Madeleine Valintine