New Zealand Education Review Office Report

The Interact Curriculum is a feature of the school.  This high-quality curriculum contextualises the learning areas of the national curriculum within a biblical framework.  It also provides teachers with a sound basis for developing detailed curriculum plans and learning programmes.  A distinguishing feature of the Interact Curriculum is that it enables all age groups within the school to study the same topics at different levels.  This provides consistency and continuity for students and facilitates teacher development through the sharing of expertise.

A feature of the school is the manner in which most areas of the national curriculum are set in a biblical framework.  This is facilitated by the use of the Interact Curriculum, which provides a high-quality, coordinated framework.  Syndicate leaders and teachers are able to derive detailed curriculum plans from this curriculum, including matters of interest to and about Mäori. 

A further distinctive feature of the Interact Curriculum is that it enables all age groups to study the same topics at different levels.  This facilitates a clear progression of knowledge in each topic, and provides teacher development opportunities through the sharing of expertise. 

The school’s special character pervades all facets of its life.  The special character statement and accompanying statement of faith in the integration agreement provides an unequivocal declaration of the board’s desire to provide a Christian education. 

The Interact Curriculum progressively integrates the national curriculum with a cyclical and thematic presentation of Christian beliefs.  This curriculum is the basis of classroom programmes for most learning areas, particularly in the junior school, and is central to the school’s special character.  It ensures that time is devoted to religious instruction and activities, and that these permeate the total school curriculum.  A notable feature of the school is the active participation of students in religious programmes and activities.

Science is taught thematically over a three or four week period once per term to Years 1-to-6 students.  Science planning is of good quality.  The Interact Science Curriculum statement gives good guidance to teachers in Years 1 to 8.  It gives an overall curriculum plan that sets contexts for thematic studies, lists the associated national curriculum achievement objectives, shows that all contextual strands are addressed annually, and suggests specific achievement outcomes.  Teachers appropriately supplement the overall plan with planning for learning activities and resources and the assessment of student achievement.  Planning for Years 9-to-11 learning programmes is not as well developed, particularly for Year 11.

A feature is the good quality of teacher-defined specific achievement objectives, or specific learning outcomes.  Learning programmes provide meaningful contexts and facilitate the development of investigative skills and attitudes.