Professional Development for Homeschoolers

At Helen Pearson’s seminars you will:

  • Be inspired to think creatively about education
  • Be equipped to teach great thinking skills in the course of individualised research through the Interact Learning Path
  • Learn easy ways to integrate learning areas in relevant ways
  • Be resourced with lots of tried and true ideas from the perspective of a long-term homeschooling parent
When you attend one of Helen Pearson’s seminars, your school can choose one free How to Draw card set, valued at $12.95.

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Here's what Homeschoolers have said:

"I really liked this session. Great to stimulate ideas and planning."

"This is great! Loved the ideas of ways to think!"

"Very good.Inspiring."

"Fantastic info. Very inspiring."

"Brilliant. I enjoyed the plan of teaching and your whole presentation."

"Concise and lots of ideas to think on."

"Excellent. Would love another opportunity in the future."

"Very helpful."

"It was totally fantastic!"

"Fantastic! Envisioning. Love the depth of your educational philosophy. Thanks for sharing it with us."

"Loved the ideas. So practical."