Professional Development for State Schools

At Helen Pearson’s SPARX seminars you will:
  • Be equipped for planning with her up-to-date pedagogical process known as the SPARX Learning Path
  • Learn easy ways to integrate learning areas and curriculum requirements in relevant ways
  • Be resourced with lots of ideas to incorporate Habits of Mind, Thinking Tools, Blooms Taxonomy, Higher Order Thinking, Inquiry Learning and much more
When you attend one of Helen Pearson’s seminars, your school can choose one free SPARX Teacher Manual and Discovery Sheet set, valued at $99.00

The course is recognised as Mandatory PD for Professional Competence in New South Wales (Course Code CO4113: Session Code S10582) and covers the following standards. It is anticipated that the workshop will cover the following standards: 1.2.2, 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 6.2.3 and 6.2.7.

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Workshops Available

We currently have 2 courses available but we can also customise a course to meet your schools professional development requirements.
If you would like to spark up your programme, inspire your teachers, or even revamp your programme from scratch, we would love to help you.

Here is what teachers have said

“I felt inspired and rejuvenated about integration and sharing the ideas with other teachers”

"The resources are excellent!”

"I found the Sparx Learning Path helpful, and the ideas on integrating habits of Mind and Habits of Character."
Stephanie Meldau, Henderson Intermediate

"Creative ideas, practical and logical, and the end product was helpful"
Elaine McNab, Riverina School

"As a beginning teacher, the Learning Path was helpful, and also how to take a topic and integrate with other curriculum areas."
Renu Lata, Henderson Intermediate School

“The skills and insights gained from Helen’s workshop are invaluable....It is suitable for primary and middle school teachers at all levels.”
Vicki Danvers, CSA Executive Officer - NSW/ACT