History of SPARX

Helen Pearson

While still a very young teacher, Helen Pearson, founding director and editor of the SPARX Resources, became the founding principal of KingsWay School in Orewa, New Zealand. 

After leaving KingsWay School, Helen was asked to develop integrated curriculum material into a dynamic learning programme. This became widely used in Christian schools and known as the Interact Curriculum.

Between 1991 and 2001, Helen gradually developed sixteen units of work, each suitable for one term’s work. 

Since 2003 Helen and her team developed the Celebrate Art Resources, used in 2/3 of NZ schools.

In 2008, in response to the new NZ Curriculum and recent educational thinking, Helen began updating the previous Interact Curriculum manuals and in 2009 has adapted these popular resources for use in state schools.

The Interact Curriculum and SPARX Resources are now being written by a team of educators, with frequent input and critique from educators, advisors,  and experts in various educational fields who have been so willing to invest time and advice.