Questions about SPARX

How does the SPARX Resources work?

The SPARX Resources are supplied in folders of teacher manuals per term (one for years 1-4 and the other for years 5-8).  These folders give teachers guidance in making their own learning programmes.

What subjects are offered?

Science, Social Science, Health, English, Celebrate Art resources are designed to supplement the SPARX Resources. Some SPARX maths investigation cards are also available. Other subjects will be added over time.

How do I know if it meets our national or state curriculum requirements?

Detailed outlines of how SPARX meets the requirements of New Zealand Curriculum are available. The links are made in a brochure at the beginning of each term folder, and detailed outlines are available upon request.

What resources are available to support teaching with SPARX Resources

Photocopiable “Discovery Sheets” are available for the subjects of Science and Social Science at both levels: Years 1-4 and Years 5-8.  These are designed to provide some child-friendly information about the topic, some guided teaching opportunities, and some graphic organisers to assist the students in investigations, experiments, interviews and other forms of research. 

What resources support the teaching of art?

The Celebrate Art resources give detailed information in student-friendly language about contemporary artists on the theme studied (e.g. Plants and Trees posters link with the SPARX Science unit) and give clear lesson ideas to help teachers and students to interpet the works and to create their own works in a wide range of media.  These resources are in approximately 2300 schools (government and Christian schools) in Australasia.