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Animals in Contemporary Art

Animals in Contemporary Art

This new resource features artworks that depict and comment on the relationships between people and animals, environmental themes, animals in captivity, and pets people love.

It includes a full-colour book of artworks, a CD with lesson plans, conversations with the artists, slideshow, discussion questions, Junior lesson plan cards and How to Draw cards.

Artists profiled include Mike Petre, Hannah Kidd, John Ryrie, Geoff Harvey and James Morrison.


Resource Pack Includes:

  • 1 x 40 page full-colour book
  • 1x CD (complete with lesson plans, slideshow, written conversations with the artists and printable A4 posters)
  • 1 x Celebrate Art Junior Lesson Plan sets
  • 1 x Celebrate Art Junior Looking at Artworks booklets
  • 1 x How to Draw Cards



NZ $79.95