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Aspects of Fire in Contemporary Art

Aspects of Fire in Contemporary Art

Fire as subject matter and as a medium has fascinated artists for centuries, and contemporary artists are no exception.

Aspects of Fire in Contemporary Art
introduces the works of five exciting contemporary artists to students.

  • Each book features the 5 Australasian artists on a single theme presented in an easy to read style
  • 40 pages covering a conversation with each artist, themes, inspiration and influences, developing ideas and biographical details
  • Creative lesson plans and ideas for ways students can respond to the artworks

Resource Pack Includes

Resource pack comes with the book and includes: CD of images, How to Draw cards related to the theme, and 10 A4 reproduction posters of the main artworks as well as Step by Step Process posters.

Artists Include

  • Brenda Hartill’s richly coloured collagraphs have a tactile quality that encourages closer observation. Her prints capture the strength and power of fire; from its role in chemistry and nature to the greater part that it plays in the balance of heat in our solar system.
  • aspects-of-fire-in-cont-art.jpgEaun Macleod’s gestural and thickly textured paintings of bonfires always suggest a human presence. His fascination with fire since his childhood reminds us of the mesmerizing qualities of flickering flames.
  • Peter Roche’s large neon sculptures are vivid interpretations of his drawings and ideas. Designed to glow in the dark and attract the eye, they can be understood and appreciated by all cultures and age groups.
  • The rich surface textures on Chester Nealie’s clay vessels are a tribute to the scientific skills of this potter. He has mastered the many variables of the woodfiring process and learnt to manipulate the fire, ash, temperatures and atmosphere of his kilns.
  • The superb prints and mixed-media drawings by John Wolseley have a light and fresh quality and focus on the natural cycles of fire and regeneration.His experiences and observations out in the Australian desert are captured in these delicate renderings.

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    “I wish we had such books when I was at school.
    The interesting themes and interview style enable students to glimpse something of the personality and enthusiasms of the artists,
    as well as their images. It was a pleasure to take part.”

    -Brenda Hartill

    “I am delighted to have the opportunity to pass on some of the knowledge
    I have gathered over a lifetime. Celebrate Art is to be congratulated for educating young minds to the arts.”
    -Chester Nealie

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