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Buildings in Contemporary Art

Buildings in Contemporary Art

Buildings have inspired artists for centuries, and contemporary artists are no exception. Buildings in Contemporary Art introduces the works of five, exciting, contemporary artists to students.

Architects and builders have the opportunity to meet human need and to creatively express themselves and their culture in the buildings they create. Our artists cross the barrier of art and architecture while others interpret what they see.

  • Each book features the 5 Australasian artists on a single theme presented in an easy to read style
  • 40 pages covering a conversation with each artist, themes, inspiration and influences, developing ideas and biographical details
  • Creative lesson plans and ideas for ways students can respond to the artworks

Resource Pack Includes

Resource pack comes with the book and includes: CD of images, How to Draw cards related to the theme, and 10 A4 reproduction posters of the main artworks as well as Step by Step Process posters.

Artists Include

  • Shona Wilson's delightful, small-scale sculptures incorporating found materials fascinate us with their detail and remind is that what goes on inside buildings is most significant.
  • The superb pastel drawings and prints of vast cityscapes and construction sites by Marco Luccio, remind us of the civilisations they represent.
  • buildings-in-cont-art2.jpgPoppy van Oorde-Grainger's award-winning, community art activities, draw us into the sense of community endangered by local urban structures.
  • The contemplative glass artworks of architectural structures by Emma Camden, reflect intense colours and light draw our attention to the beauty and sybolism of building designs.
  • And finally it is fitting to include the work of the late artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. His international reputation as a painter and eco-architect, and the influence of his iconic building designs, demonstrate that the type of structures we inhibit play an important role in our daily lives.

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"Buildings in Contemporary Art is a great resource and manual for teachers, an inspiring and easy to follow handbook for students, and a fantastic motivational resource for artists.

Making art can at times seem very mysterious.

Here the artists discuss their work openly, talk about their daily habits, reveal their motivational sources and share so much about their techniques.

Buildings in Contemporary Art is easy to use and packed to the brim with wonderful stories - a book that makes you feel like making art.

The "how the artists do it" section is easy-to-follow and will be a rich source of inspiration and ideas for those who teach, practice or are learning about art.

As you flip back and forward through the pages of this book with its exciting easy-to-read format, beautiful photos and great practical information, you will find will become a great reference for students and artist alike.

This book will inspire"

-Marco Luccio

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