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Landforms in Contemporary Art

Landforms in Contemporary Art

Landforms in the landscape have fascinated artists for centuries, and contemporary artists are no exception.

Landforms in Contemporary Art
introduces the works of five exciting, contemporary artists to students.

  • Each book features the 5 Australasian artists on a single theme presented in an easy to read style
  • 40 pages covering a conversation with each artist, themes, inspiration and influences, developing ideas and biographical details
  • Creative lesson plans and ideas for ways students can respond to the artworks

Resource Pack Includes

Resource pack comes with the book and includes: CD of images, How to Draw cards related to the theme, and 10 A4 reproduction posters of the main artworks as well as Step by Step Process posters.

  • Mandy Martin expresses the fragility of the land in her signature painting style. Using staining and impasto techniques she works 'in situ' to create heavy surfaces made up with natural earth pigments.
  • landofrm-in-cont-art2.jpgLen Castle's clay forms are directly related to their original source. Inspired by the scientific study of rock formations his ceramic shapes, surface patterns and glazes reflect the plasticity of the earth and the effects of tectonic forces and heat on landscape.
  • Andrea du Chatenier delights us with her witty and vibrant soft sculptures. Her fantasy island rugs and their comfortable volcano bean bags, remind us that art can be fun as well as thought provoking.
  • Justin Summerton has captured New Zealand's unique landforms through his accurate depiction of the intense colour and light the country is known for. His surreal adaptations add his own story to the scenes.
  • G.W. Bot has created her own visual language using signs and symbols derived from the Australian bush and landscape. Her poetic artworks describe aspects of life with an emphasis on space and inner reflection.

Conversations with these artists reveal their passion for the land, their daily lives as artists, how to develop ideas, influences on their works, and the processes by which they work. Colour plates of the artists' works are provided, and user-friendly lesson ideas follow, designed to inspire students to respond in either artistic or linguistic ways.

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"As an art teacher, it is always difficult to find resources that relate to our place in the South Pacific and so it is great to find a publication with contemporary artists from Australia and New Zealand.

Landforms is a carefully selected theme that will ispire students from both countries and one that students will enjoy reading and participating in.

I congratulate the publishers on recognising the need for such a resource."

Andrea du Chatenier

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