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Sylvia Siddell

Sylvia Siddell

Mundane & Marvellous

Mundane & Marvellous introduces students to Sylvia’s unique perspective, challenging them to think outside the square and free their imaginations, while honing their technical skills. Sylvia is a seriously accomplished technician, with eye-catching works of art.

Resource Pack Includes:

A4 poster of artwork reproductions and a CD of Images from 4 different artists.

portrait_sylvia_siddell.jpg"I wish I had the Celebrate Art NZ resources when I was teaching." Sylvia Siddell

"Your resource is such that even teachers who are a little apprehensive about doing visual art are immediately enthralled and motivated by the user-friendly layout." Anne Roberts, Visual Arts, Henry Hill School

"Love your resources, they are brilliant. They are very detailed, thoughtful and have good ideas. They are also well-researched and planned." Janis Jacomb, Greenhithe Primary School
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