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Conservation Resource Pack

Conservation Resource Pack

Profiling conservation issues related to land features, river use, birds and sea creatures.

Resource Pack Includes:


7 full colour A3 posters of artworks on the theme
-on the back of each poster is information on the artist's biography, how ideas are developed, the artistic processes involved, other subjects and themes, links, and discussion questions
CD slideshow and conversations with artists, ideal for a computer or projector
Lesson Plan Card Set with written easy steps for creative art projects in a variety of media.
How to Draw Card Set related to the theme
all in a large, handy plastic envelope for easy storage!

Artists Profiled

Marty Vreede - Printmaking
Chris Booth - Sculpture
John Papas - Painting
Michel Tuff ery - Sculpture
Stanley Palmer - Painting
Wayne Barrar - Photography
Marilynn Webb - Printmaking

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Celebrate Art is so valuable as a teaching resource. All aspects of studying an artist are covered. It is a suitable resource for multi-levels and for experienced AND new teachers. It has easy-to-follow plans which can be adapted to suit the class we have at the time, or just followed through as is.
St Johns Hill School

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