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Developing Integrated Curriculum for Christian / Catholic Schools

Developing Integrated Curriculum for Christian / Catholic Schools

Tutor: Helen Pearson
*Qualifications: B Ed, TTC (Comm)

Specific Learning Outcomes

This course will be aimed at identifying what attendees know and need to know and moving them on in their thinking in a way that serves their planning needs within their own school contexts.
  1. Identify features of Christian education, and a range of Big Ideas about the nature of God that can hold integrated studies together within a whole-school setting
  2. Identify clear links between selected Big Ideas and Key Understandings, Focus Questions, Habits of Mind and Habits of Character
  3. Identify ways of developing integrated curriculum that engage students in a range of different learning styles incorporating higher order thinking, reflecting on a biblical perspective, choice and personal response to their learning.
  4. Begin to plan an integrated unit of work for students within their class or school
* While this course can stand alone, attendees may also attend “Developing Thinking Skills in Integrated Units” after this course for assistance in detailed planning for the development of higher order thinking


Christian/Catholic Primary and Middle School Educators: Principals, Heads of Curriculum, DPs, staff teams, individual teachers of primary, intermediate and middle schools

  • Thorough integration of biblical perspective and educational research
  • 25 years of writing curriculum for Christian schools, including the Interact Curriculum, which is used in approximately 30 Christian schools in NZ, Australia, Indonesia and South Africa.
  • Inquiry Learning and Habits of Mind
  • Passing reference will be made to the work of John Hattie, Edward de Bono, Guy Claxton, Howard Gardner

Pricing is dependent on your requirements but based on approximately $300 for the first hour and $100 thereafter.

(plus GST and any applicable transport costs)

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