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Who is wise?

Who is wise?

Search for wisdom in God’s word and see what you discover, especially in Proverbs 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ecclesiastes and Matthew.

Years 1-4 • Each of these resources include a Teacher Manual (TM) and reproducible Discovery Sheets (DS).

Teachers consistently tell us that these Interact Teacher Manuals and Discovery Sheets:
  • encourage  student involvement and investigation
  • give  a great breadth and depth in biblical understanding
  • result  in kids who are enthusiastic about the Bible rather than  bored
  • have creative and interesting activities
  • allow teacher flexibility while giving great supports and inspiration
  • make  planning easy

They include:
  • reproducible resources for students to develop investigation and reflection
  • links to the NZ Curriculum

Over a four year period, all the books in the Bible are covered, and sixteen aspects of God’s character explored.

These Devotions books are part of an integrated programme of learning which is available to schools. Links between Devotions/Biblical Studies and subjects such as Science, Social Science, Health and Language can be made by using the remainder of the Interact Curriculum. Click here for more details.
NZ $99.95