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God is Forgiving A2

God is Forgiving A2

Develop an appreciation for the impact of God’s forgiveness on our world.

available June 2010

Teacher Manuals for 5 subjects and 60+ Discovery Sheets per folder will save you so much time.

The God is Forgiving Interact Curriculum resource will help your students to:
  • learn about God’s great forgiveness and grace towards us, and consider our responsibility to extend forgiveness towards others
  • practice thinking about their thinking, and in particular to think about how their thinking affects their attitudes towards themselves, others and to their work (Habit of Mind)
  • learn about how the water cycle impacts people in various places (Social Science Teacher Manuals and reproducible sheets)
  • investigate how the water cycle impacts the environment in various places (Science Teacher Manuals and reproducible sheets)
  • identify and apply mathematics in relation to weather (SPARX Maths Investigation Cards resource entitled Discovering Maths through the Weather)
  • identify the impact of thinking and attitudes on physical and emotional health (Health Teacher Manuals and reproducible sheets)
  • communicate in a range of genre (Language Teacher Manuals and reproducible sheets)
  • (In the Celebrate Art resource entitled Conservation in Contemporary Art 5 of the 7 profiled artists focus on water conservation issues)
  • understand how artists depict weather and waterscapes, and discover ways we can create works on this theme (Celebrate Art resource entitled Waterscapes in Contemporary Art - available in 2011)
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