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God is Loving D2

God is Loving D2

A theme of reaching out

God’s love is everywhere and for everyone. Reach out to others and reach for the stars!

This theme will help your students to know that God’s love is everywhere and for everyone, and to express love to people who are different from themselves in cultural background or ability.

The God is Loving Interact resources will help your students to:

  • reach out to a loving God whose love extends to the heavens, and reach out to others with God’s love.
  •  reach out to people who are different from us culturally (Interact Teacher Manual and reproducible sheets for Social Science Year 1-4 or for Social Science Years 5-8
  • reach out to disabled people as they research services available for them, recognising that we are all disabled in some way but that, even with our limitations, we contribute uniquely and vitally to the world (Health Teacher Manual and reproducible sheets for Year 1-4 or for Years 5-8)
  • reach for the stars as we try to develop our research skills in our study of the universe (Science Teacher Manual and reproducible sheets for Year 1-4 or for Years 5-8)
  • reach within themselves for resources to develop a focus value and habit of mind
  • reach out in their communication to others as they develop understanding of ways to deliver procedural texts in storyboards and demonstrations, develop persuasive skills for awareness campaigns and discussions about matters of importance to people, and enjoy the stories of myths and legends, identifying their structure and their significance to different cultures (Interact Teacher Manuals for Language Years 1-8
Additional resources available to support this study will help the students to:
  • be inspired by artists who have expressed ideas about identity and belonging from different cultural perspectives, and discover ways we can create artworks about our culture (Celebrate Art resources entitled Identity and Belonging in Contemporary Art and in How to make your own Flag, Shield, Logo or Coat of Arms with Art and Culture Lesson Plans
  • investigate how contemporary artists from different cultural groups have expressed ideas about their foods (Celebrate Art resource entitled Food in Contemporary Art)

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