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God is our Provider D3

God is our Provider D3

A theme of growth - Grow! Appreciate, respect and use God’s provision in the environment around us.

Growth is evident in plants all around us and this exciting unit is easy to integrate into all subject areas.

Teacher Manuals for 5 subjects and 60+ Discovery Sheets per folder will save you so much time.

The God is our Provider INTERACT resource will help your students to:
  • grow in environmental awareness and consider the importance of sustainability
  • develop scientific hypotheses as they investigate the uniqueness and versatility of plants (Interact Teacher Manual and reproducible Discovery Sheets for Science Years 1-4 or for Science Years 5-8)
  • investigate their environment and compare it with different environments and identify the value of plants to people in each of these (Interact Teacher Manual  and reproducible Discovery Sheets for Social Science Years 1-4)
  • Consider the diversity of global environments and the ways in which God has uniquely equipped them to meet their needs (Interact Teacher Manual  and reproducible Discovery Sheets for Social Science Years 5-8)
  • adapt their dietary choices to reflect the understanding that plants are vitally important to a healthy diet (Interact Teacher Manual for Health Year 1-4 or for Health Years 5-8)
  • grow in their ability to communicate their scientific and social scientific understandings effectively, and develop an ability to communicate their observations through poetry (Interact Teacher Manuals for Language Years 1-8)

Purchase these folders now on approval with a 14 day right of return, and begin discovering with your students!

Additional resources available to support this study with help your students to:
  • view and appreciate artworks depicting plants and trees, and discover ways they can create artworks on this topic (Celebrate Art resource entitled Plants and Trees in Contemporary Art and in How to Draw a Nikau with Lesson Plans)
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