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God is Truth A4

God is Truth A4

A theme of communication

This God is Truth unit will help students to:

  • consider the importance of truth, and understand how God's truth is relevant to our lives today
  • study Isaiah's prophesies which were a revelation of truth about the coming of Jesus, and see in John 1-11 the fulfillment of God's promises.
  • learn how truth is communicated in media and advertising, and exhibit discernment and honesty in viewing and communicating
  • investigate light and the many ways we make use of it in our lives
  • explore the diffferent ways and technologies which people use to communicate, and the impact of this on decisionmaking both individually and as a society
  • identify the messages which are given by the media and the ways in which people respond to them
  • learn exciting new ways of communicating through drawing with the Celebrate Art resource: Exploring Drawing
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