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God is Wise D1

God is Wise D1

A theme of discovery - Do you want to stimulate a desire for discovery in your students?

The Interact theme God is Wise will help your students to discover truth and wisdom in the course of these integrated studies about metals, gold miners and explorers, and to find and express themes of wisdom in art and narratives.

Teacher Manuals for 5 subjects and 60+ Discovery Sheets per folder will save you so much time.

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The God is Wise resources will help your students to:
  • Search God’s word and discover valuable wisdom, especially in Proverbs, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ecclesiastes and Matthew (Interact Teacher Manual and reproducible Discovery Sheets for Devotions Year 1-4 or for Devotions Years 5-8)
  • be inspired by the intensity of determination of the early gold miners in our country and discover new things about our past  (Interact Teacher Manual and reproducible Discovery Sheets for Social Science Year 1-4 or for Social Science Years 5-8)
  • ask questions, make observations and discover many fascinating facts about metals and metallic things (Interact Teacher Manual and reproducible Discovery Sheets for Science Year 1-4 or for Science Years 5-8)
  • discover new things about themselves and their immense value (Interact Teacher Manual for Health Year 1-4 or for Health Years 5-8)
  • Discover  effective ways to identify and express themes of wisdom through narratives, discover  the elements of effective reports and how Jesus used elements of reports within a narrative structure, and discover how reviews and responses to movies, shows, stories, books and TV programmes are constructed. These interactive language activities are useful for a wide range of ages and abilities (Interact Planner for Language Years 1-8)
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