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God is Loving D2

God is Loving D2

Teacher Manuals for 5 subjects and 60+ Discovery Sheets per folder will save you so much time.
The God is Creative Interact Curriculum resource will help your students to:
  • appreciate God’s creativity and the creativity that God has given each of us
  • practice creating, imagining and innovating as they develop habits of mind
  • learn about, and value, the creativity and identity of our indigenous people (Social Science Teacher Manuals and reproducible sheets)
  • appreciate the art of our indigenous people (Celebrate Art resources entitled Enlightened by Kowhaiwhai and Touching the Sky or Identity and Belonging in Contemporary Art or Of Tapa and Tatau which profiles Fatu Feu’u, or selected other Celebrate Art resources by indigenous people from Australia, NZ or the Pacific – click here for a list of the nationalities of artists profiled by Celebrate Art)
  • investigate the diversity of living things and discover how scientists identify them (Science Teacher Manuals and reproducible sheets)
  • identify and apply mathematics in relation to animals (SPARX Maths Cards resource entitled Discovering Maths through Animals)
  • discover how artists have visually communicated their ideas about mammals and ways we can create artworks ourselves (Celebrate Art resource entitled Animals in Contemporary Art available January 2010)
  • identify the factors that identify them as individuals within a group (Health Teacher Manuals and reproducible sheets)
  • communicate in a range of genre (Language Teacher Manuals and reproducible sheets)
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