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Challenges D4

Challenges D4

The SPARX Challenges resource will help your students to:
-recognise dangers and take responsible risks (habit of mind)
-develop courage (value/habit of character)
-learn about and participate in individual research about heroes or courageous people including local heroes and those who have influenced the laws of our land (Social Science Teacher Manual and reproducible sheets)
-participate in responsible risk-taking activities after considering dangers and safe practices (Health Teacher Manual and reproducible sheets)
-read, and understand the structure of, autobiographies and biographies
-investigate heat energy and how it is harnessed and used around them (Science Teacher Manual and reproducible sheets)
Additional resources available will help the students to
-be inspired by contemporary artworks on the topic of fire and create works inspired by this theme (Celebrate Art resource entitled Aspects of Fire in Contemporary Art and How to Paint Fire, Heat and Light)
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