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Our Company History

Integrated Education Ltd is a respected supplier of top quality educational resources for schools in Australia, New Zealand, and a growing number of other countries around the world.

Our vision can be summed up in one word – Inspiration!

We do everything we can to introduce the experts to the teachers and students in a user-friendly way so that you can be inspired in your teaching.

Integrated Education began in 1994 after Helen Pearson was asked to develop integrated curriculum resources for KingsWay School, Auckland, New Zealand, at which she had previously been principal.

As she wrote manuals and resources for the school, a growing number of other schools also heard about it, and through word-of-mouth the Interact Curriculum was born. During the next ten years Helen developed a large resource for teachers which was enthusiastically endorsed by principals, staff, and the Education Review Office.

During the same ten years, Helen had 5 children.

In 1999 Helen developed a New Zealand History resource with Dr Peter Lineham of Massey University, in keeping with her desire to introduce the experts to the children.

This resource was very well received and became the stepping stone for the next resource: Celebrate Art. A series of books and posters on New Zealand and Australian artists have been developed since 2003.


Currently, the integrated curriculum materials originally produced by Helen are being updated to meet requests from several other nations.

Based on the success of the Interact Curriculum, the SPARX resources were developed in 2009 for teachers in state schools.

Integrated Education Ltd is committed to providing resources that are of the highest quality.