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Celebrate Art

Celebrate Art Resources

As part of our Celebrate Art selection of resources, we offer individual books for sale, as well as a yearly subscription that features books, CDs, lesson plans, slide shows all packaged together to provide great value!

Art Books & Resource Packs Book Sets
Art Books & Resource Packs Book Sets
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"These contemporary Australasian artists, 3 men and two women, also move us is surprising ways. Their work and how they got there, delights and challenges any stereotypical views of art or transport be it road, air or 'in your dreams'.

Spanning the processes of paint, print assemblage, sculpture and clay this postmodern resource is designed to stimulate both conversations and physical response; moving playfully and accessibly across time, culture, gender and technical issues."

Graham Price
Senior Lecturer Art Education
The University of Waikato

"Celebrate Art is so valuable as a teaching resource. All aspects of studying an artist are covered. It is a suitable resource for multi-levels and for experienced AND new teachers. It has easy-to-follow plans which can be adapted to suit the class we have at the time, or just followed through as is."
St Johns Hill School

"The Celebrate Art Pack is a well thought out and put together resource, suitable for upper Primary and early Secondary school students.  The images from the 7 artists show how they each respond differently to the theme of Identity and Belonging by using materials and producing artworks which are personal expressions of issues all students can relate to. The information on the back of each image is extensive and can be easily used by the classroom teacher to develop his/her students knowledge  of art appreciation, exploring and responding to art works and creating and making art."
Irene Lynch
Art Education Victoria, President  

"Buildings in Contemporary Art is a great resource and manual for teachers, an inspiring and easy to follow handbook for students, and a fantastic motivational resource for artists.

Making art can at times seem very mysterious. Here the artists discuss their work openly, talk about their daily habits, reveal their motivational sources and share so much about their techniques.

Buildings in Contemporary Art is easy to use and packed to the brim with wonderful stories - a book that makes you feel like making art.

The "how the artists do it" section is easy-to-follow and will be a rich source of inspiration and ideas for those who teach, practice or are learning about art.

As you flip back and forward through the pages of this book with its exciting easy-to-read format, beautiful photos and great practical information, you will find will become a great reference for students and artist alike.

This book will inspire"
Marco Luccio