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Just launched - SPARX Resources for state schools. Resources with creativity, depth of professional understanding and value for money!
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interactcurriculum.jpgWelcome to Interact Curriculum.

Looking for quality integral and biblically based resources for teaching and learning?

How can Interact help you?

We have integral Interact units that:
  • integrate Devotions/Biblical Studies, Science, Social Science, Health, Language, Art and, in some cases, Maths
  • are broad enough to allow teachers great flexibility
  • are broad enough to allow for unique school community responses
  • have a clear biblical perspective
  • develop thinking skills, faith and character in students
  • link to the NZ curriculum (vision, principles, values, key competencies, achievement objectives) and NSW Syllabus
  • respect cultural perspectives
  • bring cohesiveness to the school community
  • incorporate the latest ideas on educational processes and practices
  • develop values and habits of mind
  • can be purchased individually, or as a money-saving subscription

We can save you time, provide professional development in the course of planning and inspire your educational programme.

“Simply the best, versatile, Godly Christian Curriculum out there.”  
Joanne Yuhayco
Christian Renewal School, Whangarei

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