Interact Learning Path

Interact is based upon a unique Learning Path as a framework for lesson and unit study planning.

First the student engages with the topic of study and ideas are provided to help teachers 'hook' students into their topic. Secondly, students recall what they already know about the topic as a basis for future learning. Thirdly, the Interact Teacher Manuals provide suggestions to help students raise questions and recognise problems. This is followed by Initial research in which the students and teacher engage in gathering information and important concepts. This first section is called the firing up stage, because the aim is to get students 'fired up' about their learning and important concepts they will learn.

Finding Out Further

In the Finding Out Further stage, further research is, either independently or as a class, based on the previous knowledge gained and extending it in areas of student interest, to help develop research skills to a higher level. Students then apply their reason to make comparisons and connections, identifying parts, processes and purposes.

In the focusing forward stage, students are encouraged to reflect on God's perspective, and deeper issues relating to the value and use of the topic studied. They then resolve to respond to the learning by considering how it impacts who they are and what they do. This leads to action through responding by changing thinking or attitudes, or communicating learning, taking action using newfound knowledge, or taking a stand for what is right.

Finally students review, record, and rejoice as they celebrate their learning and God who has created our world.